YOUR SAY: A response to Gary Johns

NATIONAL: This is an edited response to “Special Treatment is the new black”, by Gary Johns, The Australian, February 2 2012.

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YOUR SAY: A thanks to Tracker

NATIONAL: A huge thank you for Tracker. I am in turn diverted, angered, informed, encouraged and amused as I read my way through, writes Dindy Vaughan.

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YOUR SAY: Look after our citizen relationship

NATIONAL: In a relationship, if someone is hurting, be it physical or emotional, the general human response is to exercise compassion, sympathy and understanding, writes Tania Lee Searle.

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Praise for Jamal Idris

NATIONAL: I would like to congratulate you on your magazine. I find it an interesting read.  I was especially thrilled with the May issue, with Jamal Idris inside the back page, writes WENDY ROBINSON. 

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CEO of AANSW on Two Ways Together report

NATIONAL: Firstly, may I congratulate the editorial team and NSWALC on the success of the first two editions of the Tracker. This publication offers a critical, articulate analysis and quality reporting of issues relevant to Aboriginal people in NSW.

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Re-fund Indigenous training programs

NATIONAL: During 2010 and into the early stages of 2011, Agrifood Skills Australia (ASA), an Industry Skills Council with national responsibilities for up to eight Training Packages, was savaged by many of its stakeholder industries and a senate inquiry for lackluster performance and the public perception of a lack of accountability in its operations.

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Congratulations… but don’t make it a weekly

NATIONAL: I picked up a copy of this new journal to scan over lunch at Tranby recently. You may have noted the use of the term “journal “as opposed to “paper”. The quality of contributors raises Tracker well above the “paper” level.

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LETTERS: Support for land rights: Scullion

NATIONAL: CONGRATULATIONS to the producers of this brand new publication which, given the experience and intellect of its authors, will help shine a considered spotlight on Aboriginal issues. The NSW Aboriginal Land Council represents 119 Local Aboriginal Land Councils, and as such, I know how important my relationship with them is. 

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Congratulations from Alyawarr leaders

CONGRATULATIONS from the Alyawarr Leaders at the Honeymoon Bore walk off camp. We give our whole-hearted support to the new Tracker magazine, writes RICHARD DOWNS.

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A welcome to Tracker from the Greens

NATIONAL, April 07, 2011: I WOULD like to congratulate Tracker on their launch, writes GREENS LEADER BOB BROWN and WA GREENS SENATOR RACHEL SIEWERT.

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Queensland’s Fantome history

QLD: In 1945 seven year-old Joe Eggmolesse was diagnosed with Leprosy. He was taken from his family under police escort, transported by rail and sea over a thousand kilometres to Fantome Island where he was to be incarcerated for the next ten years.

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