• Bigotry is not OK: NSWALC
  • Bigotry is not OK: NSWALC

    NATIONAL: The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has joined the growing condemnation of the Federal Government’s moves to amend the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act.

  • Mabo win was squandered: retired judge

    NATIONAL: Hopes for land justice inspired by Eddie Mabo’s High Court win had been destroyed by judges and politicians who failed to understand the vital relationship between Indigenous people and their land, Federal Court judge Peter Gray said when he retired last year in comments that were largely ignored by white Australia.

  • Treaty Now: An agreement between two equals

    NATIONAL: In 2014, the word ‘Treaty’ is back on the political agenda. But what does the word actually mean, asks CALLUM CLAYTON-DIXON*.

  • Thousands turn out for Chavez rally
  • Thousands turn out for Chavez rally

    VENEZUELA: Venezuelans packed the streets of Caracas and other cities on Thursday to hear President Hugo Chavez and opposition rival Henrique Capriles make their final pitches ahead of weekend elections.

  • Google fights logging

    BRAZIL: Internet giant Google has unveiled its five-year partnership with Brazil’s Surui Indigenous people, unveiling an online map which helps the tribe fight illegal logging.

  • Morales’ flirts with seizing silver

    BOLIVIA: The nation’s first Indigenous President is considering nationalising a Canadian miner’s silver property in order to ease Indigenous protests over a contested mining project.

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