“Our country will suffer”

CEO of the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation Michael Woodley.  (AAP Image/Lloyd Jones)

NATIONAL: The controversial Solomon iron ore hub will generate billions of dollars in revenue for Fortescue Metals Group over the next two decades. But JAN MAYMAN* asks, what will be the cost for the traditional owners – the Yindjibarndi?

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ON THE RECORD: On the spiritual high road

Aboriginal leader Rosalie Kunoth-Monks. (AAP IMAGE)

NATIONAL: The Sydney premiere of ‘Utopia’, John Pilger’s latest documentary deeply moved me. I was one of thousands who gathered in the open air at the Block in Redfern, the iconic Koori heart of Sydney, writes SHYAMLA ESWARAN*.

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The Lost Generations


NATIONAL: Across New South Wales we are losing a generation of children to prison. It’s an urgent problem because these are our future leaders, writes AMY MCQUIRE*.

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Palm Island faces cyclone without shelter

Palm Island faces cyclone without shelter

BRISBANE: Palm Island faces cyclone without shelter.

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ON THE RECORD: Black to the future

Former Olympian Nova Peris has become the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to Federal Parliament.

NATIONAL: In March, Adam Giles became Australia’s first Aboriginal head of government as the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, writes SHYAMLA ESWARAN.

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Utopia: The inside story

Kingi Ross, from Arlparra on the edge of the vast Utopia region. Humpies – makeshift shelters – are a common sight throughout Aboriginal Australia, courtesy of a lack of basic housing.

IN JANUARY 2014, the nation’s most famous ex-pat journalist John Pilger will launch his latest film in Australia. Two years in the making, Utopia is a feature length documentary that chronicles the ongoing plight of the First Australians and their fight for justice.

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ON THE RECORD: White man’s gang is a black man’s tribe


NATIONAL: The problems that confront the remote community of Wadeye will not be fixed with political posturing and more of the same, writes SHYAMLA ESWARAN*.

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The ghosts of Bowraville

The main street of Bowraville mission in northern NSW. CREDIT: Chris Graham

NATIONAL: Three children were murdered on the Bowraville mission within five months of each other in 1990 to 1991. Only one man stands accused of these crimes, but thanks to a series of spectacular failures in the original police investigation – and a racist and apathetic justice system – he has never been convicted, writes […]

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VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE: How black Australia rejected Tony Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

NATIONAL: Tony Abbott is the new ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’. One problem: no-one bothered to ask Aboriginal people if they even wanted him. It turns out they didn’t, if the most in-depth analysis of Aboriginal voting intentions ever staged is anything to go by. CHRIS GRAHAM explains.

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Perth’s two cities

Perth, Western Australia.

NATIONAL: JAN MAYMAN* investigates how the WA government’s draconian Three Strikes policy is impacting on Aboriginal homelessness.

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Queensland’s Fantome history

QLD: In 1945 seven year-old Joe Eggmolesse was diagnosed with Leprosy. He was taken from his family under police escort, transported by rail and sea over a thousand kilometres to Fantome Island where he was to be incarcerated for the next ten years.

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