A loss to land rights, and Lightning Ridge

Uncle Roy and Aunty June Barker, who passed away within weeks of each other in Lightning Ridge.

LALC LAND: The NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Network would be aware that only a few weeks ago, Aunty June Barker of Lightning Ridge passed away. Tragically, her loving husband Uncle Roy also passed away only 12 days later, also in Lightning Ridge.

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NSW land rights network mourns Steve Gordon

Former NSWALC Councilor Steve Gordon passed away earlier this week.

NSW: Former NSWALC councilor and land rights legend Steve Gordon passed away last night.

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The passing of a legend

Aboriginal singer Jimmy Little passed away in Dubbo, aged 75.

NATIONAL: Prominent journalist JEFF MCMULLEN pays tribute to a legend of song.

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Remembering one of the true legends of land rights

Rick Griffith's funeral.

NEW SOUTH WALES: December 2011 marks a year since the passing of Rick Griffiths, one of the legends of the NSW Aboriginal land rights network. CHRIS GRAHAM looks back on a man who fought to change his community and his country for the betterment of all Australians.

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OBITUARY: Remembering Rose: The passing of a pioneer

In this June 11, 1968 file photo, world bantamweight pro-boxing champion Lionel Rose takes a fighting stance in joke against Japanese challenger Takao Sukurai during a reception following their title fight contract signing in Tokyo. (AP PHOTO/FILE)

NATIONAL, May 10, 2011: Aboriginal Australia and the nation’s sporting community are mourning the sad passing of its first world title holder in Lionel Rose, aged 62.

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Black boxing legend passes on

TRACKER, APRIL 2011: The Aboriginal community of NSW mourned the passing of Armidale sporting legend ‘Honest’ Frank Roberts in February 2011. Frank was the first Aboriginal Olympian, after being selected to compete at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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Rights fighter will never be forgotten

TRACKER, APRIL 2011: Condolences went out to the Maynard family in November last year following the shock passing of Bob Maynard.

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Land rights legend mourned

TRACKER, APRIL 2011: The passing of land rights legend Rick Griffiths in December 2010 rocked the Aboriginal land rights movement in New South Wales.

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The passing of a tireless campaigner

TRACKER, APRIL 2011: THE NSW land rights network mourned the passing of a true warrior for Aboriginal rights in February following the death of Uncle Jack Smith.

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Redfern icon will be missed

TRACKER, APRIL 2011: The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council would like to express its deepest commiserations to the Scott family following the recent passing of Sylvia.

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