Australia’s worst serial killer: The crimes of Billy Fraser

An article commemorating the legend of mass murderer William Fraser published in the Courier Mail in 1950.

NATIONAL: The Australian frontier produced bugger all in the way of memorable characters. Enter William ‘Billy’ Fraser… CHRIS MUNRO recounts the forgotten story of a Queenslander who can rightly claim the ghoulish mantle of the world’s third worst mass murderer in history.

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Eureka: the hidden story

The infamous Eureka Stockade.

NATIONAL: Some historians have labelled it the birth of democracy in Australia and some, civil disobedience. But most Australians wouldn’t know the hidden Aboriginal story behind Victoria’s infamous Eureka Stockade, writes CHRIS MUNRO*.

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Victoria’s silent shame

Kurnai elders at Lake Tyres Gippsland, Victoria.

HISTORY: Writing about Aboriginal history can be a taxing exercise. Any writer, especially an Aboriginal one – who’s spent some time in this space will tell you as much.

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Aborigines repelled first white men in Qld

The sighting, in 1606, is thought to be the first time indigenous Australians laid eyes on a European ship.

HISTORY: Aboriginal tribespeople peered out from behind palm trees, frightened but struck with wonder by the enormous floating creature on the horizon.

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An irresistible dash

19 members of the 33rd. William Allan is in the centre, second row from the back with the moustache.

NATIONAL: In September this year, a tough little Aboriginal woman living in a tiny country town called Werris Creek in New South Wales, turns 100 years of age. Not one to make a fuss, Aunty Mary Porter dismisses talk of a party to celebrate her latest and greatest birthday. “I’ve told the family I’m not […]

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Hero or Jacky-Jacky?

A sketch of Galmahra, later known as "Jacky" who helped English born surveyor Edmund Kennedy.

HISTORY: Aside form a few phrases and names far too outrageous to be printed in these pages, there’s no other term for an Aboriginal person that incites as much rage as the name ‘Jacky Jacky.’

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Legends of Land Rights: William Bates

NATIONAL: Sol Bellear interviews William Bates, Traditional owner of Mutawintj and a long-time land rights campaigner.

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The Tindale legacy

Norman Tindale's photograph of Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee’s great grandmother Annie Sibley.

HISTORY: For many Aboriginal people across this nation, the concept of Aboriginal history can be a perplexing one, writes CHRIS MUNRO.

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Tjangamarra: The fight for country

Actor Keithan HOlloway as Tjangamarra in the film Jandamarra's War

NATIONAL: It’s just before the turn of the 20th century, and colonial Australia is desperate to forge a ‘nation’ and pull away from self-governing British colonies.

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Wiradjuri warrior

Wiradjuri warrior Windradyne.

NATIONAL: Windradyne was a hero of the Wiradjuri people, and waged a fierce resistance against settlers, writes CHRIS MUNRO*.

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Queensland’s Fantome history

QLD: In 1945 seven year-old Joe Eggmolesse was diagnosed with Leprosy. He was taken from his family under police escort, transported by rail and sea over a thousand kilometres to Fantome Island where he was to be incarcerated for the next ten years.

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