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Amy McQuire

Amy McQuire is a Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman who hails from Rockhampton in Queensland. She is editor of Tracker.

Brandis, Bolt & Bigots


NATIONAL: Race relations have hit a new low in this country. The nation’s top lawmaker is now seeking to weaken one of the few protections against racial vilification afforded to minorities, to protect the rights of bigots. And the Human Rights Commissioner is paving the way. AMY MCQUIRE* looks at the history of the Racial […]

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EDITORIAL: Laws made in the city hit the bush hardest

NATIONAL: Earlier this year, Australia mourned the passing of teenager Daniel Christie, the victim of a “Coward’s Punch” in Kings Cross on New Years Eve, writes AMY MCQUIRE*.

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The Lost Generations


NATIONAL: Across New South Wales we are losing a generation of children to prison. It’s an urgent problem because these are our future leaders, writes AMY MCQUIRE*.

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EDITORIAL: The state of black media


NATIONAL: Every year it feels as if Aboriginal media is getting stronger and weaker at the same time, writes AMY MCQUIRE*.

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Reverse Racism

Comedian Aamer Rahman from Fear of a Brown Planet.

NATIONAL: How often have you heard a white Australian accusing you of reverse racism?

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NSW Parliament votes for inquiry into Bowraville murders

Plaques erected to the memory of three Aboriginal children at Bowraville mission. Colleen Walker, 16, Evelyn Greenup 4, and Clinton Speedy-Duroux, 16, were murdered on the mission in 1990-1991.

NATIONAL: A NSW Parliamentary committee will hear from the relatives of the Bowraville murder victims as early as next year after the upper house voted unanimously in favour of an inquiry. It’s a development the families say gives them hope.

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White justice crippling a community

The Bowraville police station. IMAGE: Chris Graham.

NATIONAL: As Australians, we like to think we care. We cried over Daniel Morcombe; we marched for Jill Meagher. But if we measure our society on how we treat our poorest citizens, I can’t help but feel we as a society have a very long way to go, writes AMY MCQUIRE*.

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Come clean on Indigenous legal aid cuts: Greens

Australia is a world beater in its incarceration of Aboriginal people, with the highest Indigenous jailing rates on earth.

NATIONAL: The Australian Greens have called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott clarify whether he will make cuts to Aboriginal legal aid.

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ABC defamed respected Aboriginal elder

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks and her granddaughter Amelia from the Utopia homeland community in the Northern Territory.

NATIONAL: The ABC defamed “highly respected” elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks when it broadcast comments from a young Territorian of the Year claiming Ms Kunoth-Monks had labeled her home community “racist” during the tent embassy protests, the NT Supreme Court has ruled.

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Compounding a community’s ongoing grief

The Bowraville police station. IMAGE: Chris Graham.

NATIONAL: In 1997, the investigation into the murders of Colleen Walker, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy Duroux was re-opened, led by Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin and former Detective Sergeant Jason Evers.

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Queensland’s Fantome history

QLD: In 1945 seven year-old Joe Eggmolesse was diagnosed with Leprosy. He was taken from his family under police escort, transported by rail and sea over a thousand kilometres to Fantome Island where he was to be incarcerated for the next ten years.

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