The Knowledge Cloaks

Boonwurrung elder Aunty Caroline Briggs in a possum skin cloak (CREDIT: Sarah Rhodes).

NATIONAL: The woman stands strong and tall, overlooking the vast expanse of land. She observes pensively, mapping out the journey back to her peoples.

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Bet on the Boomerang coming back

A scene from the CLosing Ceremony of the Boomerang Festival.

NATIONAL: If you like a gamble, then you’ll like this story. Earlier this year, two crazy bastards – a blackfella and a whitefella – decided to launch a NSW-based Aboriginal music festival.

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A fashionable pitch

NATIONAL: They are both long and rectangular, but still – a cricket pitch and a fashion runway are an unlikely fit. However, not to aspiring Worimi designer Tyson Jolly, 23, who is busy sewing the seams between the two worlds.

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Artist Profile: Tom E Lewis

Veteran actor Tom E Lewis.

NATIONAL: KATE MUNRO* speaks to veteran actor Tom E Lewis about living in the shadow of Jimmy Blacksmith.

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ARTIST PROFILE: Rosealee Pearson

Rosealee Pearson.

NATIONAL: Rosealee Pearson presents with a smile, a unique energy that reverberates around a room, writes KATE MUNRO*.

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Lumbia (left) after his capture.

HISTORY: Only eight decades ago, Aboriginal people were hunted-down and systematically slaughtered in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

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Werris Creek secures production of Jolie’s Unbroken

Angelina Jolie at Werris Creek to make a movie. Angelina meets Werris Creek people in Punyara Street. Amy & Kaleb Crothers, Kelly Saunders, Pricilla Saunders, Sabannah Darcy, Talon Fox & Trinity Fox.

ARTS: Aboriginal residents in the tiny town of Werris Creek will have to get used to spotting Hollywood star Angelina Jolie about town with her new film Unbroken to be shot in NSW.

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The law of the tongue

An Ocra performing a tail slap on the surface.

HISTORY: It never ceases to amaze how swiftly colonial history clouds and in some cases completely supersedes its Aboriginal counterpart in this country. Like a once gin-clear river after big rains, the truth slowly becomes muddied; it flows in all directions and becomes even harder to read. It some cases the truth gets so skewed, […]

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RedFoo amps it up at The Deadlys

U.S artist Redfoo.

NATIONAL: US singer RedFoo has made a surprise appearance at the Deadly Awards in support of his X Factor contestant – Aboriginal singer Ellie Lovegrove.

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Protect the Burrup from “continued vandalism” : Greens MP

Rock art of the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: A WA Greens MP has labeled a Pilbara operator’s proposal to quarry an area containing significant Aboriginal rock art on the precious Burrup Peninsula as “obscene and ludicrous”.

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Queensland’s Fantome history

QLD: In 1945 seven year-old Joe Eggmolesse was diagnosed with Leprosy. He was taken from his family under police escort, transported by rail and sea over a thousand kilometres to Fantome Island where he was to be incarcerated for the next ten years.

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